20+ Easy Mason Jar Christmas Craft Ideas

20+ easy mason jar christmas craft ideas 25

Artisan container blessings, or what a few people call “endowments in a container,” are anything you can envision being made with a bricklayer container.

Also, we’re not simply talking Christmas either.

You can utilize them as the base of blessing thoughts for any of these and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!


birthday celebrations







welcome home blessings

or on the other hand even an ‘in light of the fact that’ present for somebody extraordinary.

They truly are a hot pattern right now for anything from treat blends in containers to wedding focal points.

So this article is going to take a gander at two or three distinct things you can either make yourself, which is the most economical approach to do them, or that you look online for on locales like Etsy or eBay.

A great deal of crafters have thought of a ton of fun and imaginative blessings as an approach to profit.

So in case you’re not so much into creating yourself or don’t generally have the opportunity, head to Etsy and eBay and quest for the ideal thoughts for the individuals on your rundown.

Prevalent Ideas for Mason Jar Gifts

Redneck Wine Glasses

Our forte really. Other than presents for Christmas, we’ve done customized redneck wine glasses for weddings and pledge drive give-aways as well.

Despite the fact that they’re truly simple to make, they are tedious relying upon how you’re adorning them and to what extent you need the customization to last, which is the reason we sell a ton. Not every person has that sort of time and they’d preferably another person make them.

Redneck wine glasses make extraordinary presents for the games fan, for nation topic weddings, for home stylistic layout or only a discussion piece to sit at your bar.

Snow Globes

Another fun thought is making snow globes out of the containers. Consider some fresh possibilities for this one since snow globes aren’t only for Christmas.

My children gave me a snow globe one year for a birthday present in September. It’s an excellent fraud. All things considered, it snows lasting through the year in the northern mountains, so my snow globe remains out in plain view constantly.

Consider different things that can make imaginative sparkle or snow globes for any season. They’re really simple to make, and the “day off” be diverse shading sparkle rather than white or silver.

For instance, you can place a Cupid puppet in a globe with some red sparkle and you’ll have a charming Valentine’s Day snow globe for blessing.

Imaginative Gifts for Men and Women

Snow globes, treat plans, and other artisan container specialties can be for any age, yet there are likewise a few things you can make explicitly for men or ladies.

Think about Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, birthday celebrations and occasions only for men. In the event that you for the most part purchase another tie for father, why not put it within an embellishing bricklayer container rather than a crate. At that point father has an additional blessing after the tie is taken out.

For ladies, you can accomplish something very similar utilizing adornments or another scarf. Brighten the container with her preferred hues or blooms or even clipart of a portion of her preferred things.

Interesting Christmas Gifts

Have you seen those blessing box sets at the retail chains that have two cups with certain bundles of hot cocoa or espresso?

Make your own artisan container Christmas presents. Utilize two artisan containers with handles for the cups and get some hot cocoa and espresso parcels at the store.

At that point set up everything together in a decent blessing box.

Blessing Recipes

Another thought for Christmas or any occasion present is placing plans in a bricklayer container and putting the rundown of fixings and preparing or cooking guidelines on a present tag.

Two or three the most well known bricklayer container blessing plans are treat blends, hot cocoa and soup plans.

Your blessing beneficiary just needs to include water, mix and heat or cook for the vast majority of these plans so it’s an extremely helpful present for many individuals.

Fun Crafts

There are various artisan container creates that you can make yourself or discover a crafter who’s as of now making them.

Here are a few thoughts that I’ve seen throughout the years utilizing artisan containers:


light installations


wedding highlights

wedding favors

What’s more, in the event that you think of something new and imaginative, you may have the option to transform it into a lucrative side interest as well.